Our GCSE results for this summer 2018 are very strong once again. The vast majority of students have met our high expectations and a significant number have outperformed them.

53% of the grades awarded were 9/A*- A/7 and 92% were in the 9/A*-4/C range.

At Hasmonean High School for the seventh year running, more than half of all GCSE grades were A*/A/9-7 (53% this year) and over 90% of grades were in the A*-C/9-4 category (92% this year).

Science performed particularly well. In Physics, 100% gained 9-7 (equivalent to A**/A*/A). In Chemistry 96% gained these top grades and in Biology 93% gained them.

Almost 50% of students were awarded the English Baccalaureate. Ten students gained 10 or more A*/9-8 grades.

Mr Andrew McClusky, Executive Headteacher commented: “Once again, Hasmonean has a great deal to celebrate. Congratulations to all of our students who achieved their target grades and to the staff who worked so hard to enable them to do so.  It is wonderful to see both our brightest students and those who find academic study more challenging all achieving outstanding results.”

Mrs Debbie Lebrett, Head of Hasmonean Boys’ School and Acting Head of Hasmonean Girls’ school said:  “Hasmonean students have continued to find success in their secular studies whilst maintaining a focus on both Jewish learning and leadership opportunities.  We are particularly proud of our students’ achievements given that they have sat more challenging GCSE examinations.  We are delighted to congratulate each one of them on their personal achievements, and are grateful to our dedicated and talented staff who have guided and supported them academically and pastorally.”

Rafi Davis achieved seven grade 9s, 1 A*, 2 grade 8s and a grade 7. “I’m absolutely delighted with my results and I would like to thank all my teachers as it wouldn’t have been possible without all their help,” he commented.

Rafi (Refael) Davis achieved five grade 9s, 3 A*, two grade 8s, a grade A and a grade 7. “I’m really ecstatic to have received these results. I would like to pay tribute to Hasmonean and the incredible dedication of all of our teachers who were there for us every step of the way,” he commented.

Joanna Pearlman achieved seven grade 9s, two A*s and one grade 8. “Thank you to all my amazing teachers who have provided me with so much support and helped me to achieve grades that I am very proud of,” she commented.

Rosa Pearlman achieved eight grade 9s, two A*s and an A grade. “I’m incredibly proud of my grades and so grateful to all of my teachers who have supported me throughout my GCSEs’,” she commented.

Hannah Pearlman achieved five grade 9s, three A*s, four grade 8s. “’I’m so glad to know that all the hard work has paid off, and so thankful to all my teachers who have helped me through the last few years,” she commented.

A Level

We are also pleased to inform you that the A Level results are also very strong.

44% of the grades awarded are A*-A, 65% are A*-B and 85% are in the A*-C range.

We are especially delighted with our Maths A Level results: 72% of the grades were A*/A.

There were many outstanding individual performances with a number of students gaining 3 or more A*s.

Natan Maurer, who has secured a place to study Law at Cambridge with 4 A*s commented: I am incredibly pleased with these results, which I could not have achieved without the help of the network of teachers both inside and outside lessons, and the support of fellow students within Hasmonean. The leadership of the school has created an environment in which I and many others are able to reach their full potential.

Yonina Jaffe who has secured a place to study Veterinary Medicine at Cambridge with 3 A*s, commented: I am thrilled with my results and so grateful for all the support of my school and teachers! Hasmonean gave me the confidence to make a real go at sciences and I’m excited to continue this at the next stage in university.

The vast majority of students will go on to study at yeshiva and seminary and then take up places at prestigious institutions which include Cambridge and other Russell Group universities.

Congratulations to all of those students who have fulfilled their potential, especially to those who have outperformed their target grades, and to all of staff at Hasmonean who helped them to achieve them.

Hasmonean SAT to MAT

The outcome of our consultation to de-amalgamate into two separate schools has now ended and the response of governors and trustees can be found below.