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Hasmonean Boys’ School

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Hasmonean Girls’ School
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Wondering who best to contact? Please see the pastoral and departmental tables below.

General Enquiries : 020 8203 1411 ext. 212

Nature of Call Contact  email Telephone extension
Student absence Boys’ School  Mrs S Fine Option 4, option 2
Girls’ School  Mrs M Palmer Option 4, option 3
Student Services/medical issues Boys’ School  Mrs S Fine 213
Girls’ School  Mrs M Palmer 309

Minor or emerging pastoral issues e.g. lost items, missing uniform/equipment contact your child’s form tutor.

Serious Issues such as bullying, home life problems and other concerns or when the issue has not been resolved by Form tutor, please contact the Year leader/Assistant Year Leader as appropriate.

Social, Emotional related concerns Boys’ School  contact Year Leader
Girls’ School  Ms W Fallon 315
Any complex pastoral issues or issues that have not been resolved by Year Leaders Boys’ School Rabbi H Cohen 272
Girls’ School Mrs L Waugh 316
(Assistant Headteachers Care, Guidance & Support)
Designated Safeguarding Team Boys’ School     Rabbi H Cohen
Deputy – Mrs D Lebrett
Girls’ School Mrs Laura Waugh
Deputy – Mrs Miriam Langdon
Special Educational Needs In the first instance: 260
Boys’ School 276
KS3   Mr A Mailer      ssuboys7to9@hasmonean.co.uk
KS4   Mr S Bull           ssuboys10to13@hasmonean.co.uk
Girls’ School 332
Mrs A Katchinska        ssugirls@hasmonean.co.uk
If unresolved:  Mr R. Newton  (SENCo) 260 / 332
Detention Rescheduling/ Punctuality issues Boys’ School
Mr R Hrdina      attendance.boys@hasmonean.co.uk
Girls’ School
Ms M Ruparell  attendance.girls@hasmonean.co.uk
Any matter that could not be resolved using above Boys’ School    Mrs T Meduna-Scott (PA to Mrs D Lebrett, Head of Boys’ School)
Girls’ School     Mrs J. Grant (PA to Mrs Fink, Head of Girls’ School)
Year 7 Leader Girls Ms L Stafford 389
Year 8 Leader Girls Ms L McCoy 348
Year 9 Leader Girls Rabbi S Gaffin 342
Year 10 Leader Girls Mrs C Macneill 366
Head of Year 11 Girls Mrs H Waldman 347
Head of Sixth Form Girls Mrs J Wolfson 317
Assistant Year Leader Girls Mrs M Canoville 353
Year 7 Leader Boys Rabbi D Obermeister 255
Year 7 Leader Boys – Standards Rabbi M Cohen 244
Year 8 and 9 Leader Boys Ms R Benarroch 263
Assistant Year 8 and 9 Leader Boys Miss T Ragusa 263
Year 10 and 11 Leader Boys Dr O Walton 253
Assistant Year Leader 10 and 11 Boys Mr S. Bull 276
Head of Sixth Form Boys Mr A Kalley 265
If you have an enquiry regarding teaching and learning in any of our subjects, please contact the class teacher in the first instance. The procedure for further enquiry is outlined below.
Subject First step Second step Third step
Biology   Class Teacher Ms I Ordman Asst. DoL (240) Mr N Heddle (252)
Acting Director of Learning – Science
Chemistry Mr M Mullings Subject Leader (240)
Physics Mr S Lindall (340)
KS3 Science Mr M Somers (240)
Health and Social Care   Class Teacher Mrs G Felfeli BTEC Manager (340)
Mathematics   Class Teacher Mrs M Landsberg Asst. DoL (241) Mrs D Singleton (277)
Director of Learning – Maths
Mathematics Mrs L Epton Asst. DoL (375)
Fine Art   Class Teacher Ms A Marroco (237/337) Mrs F Loughrey (237/337)
Director of Learning – Creative & Performing Arts
Graphics Ms A Marroco (237/337)
Photography Ms A Marroco (237/337)
Drama Mr M Tutty Asst. DoL (236)
Food and Cooking Mr M Tutty Asst. DoL (236)
Media Mr P Staines Subject Leader (221)
Music Mrs C Algranati Subject Leader (273)
PE (boys) Mr M Tutty Asst. DoL (236)
PE (girls) Ms J Gordhan Subject Leader (319)
Textiles Mrs C MacNeill Subject Leader (366)
History   Class Teacher Mrs L Yaros Subject Leader (277) Mrs A Shirazi (345)
Director of Learning – Humanities
Politics Mr K McCartney Subject Leader (277)
Geography Mrs A Shirazi DoL (345)
Psychology Mrs E Maurer Subject Leader (376)
Sociology Mrs E Maurer Subject Leader (376)
Religious Studies   Class Teacher R’ Y Bennett Subject Leader (225) Ms P Simonsson (341)
Director of Learning – JS Girls
Biblical Hebrew – Girls Ms M Goldblatt Subject Leader (351)
JS (girls) KS4 Mrs L Antian Assistant DoL (326)
JS (girls) KS3 Mrs A Abecasis Assistant DoL (326)
JS (boys Y7-10) Gemara R’ J Hager Subject Leader (225) Rabbi D Muster (226)
Director of Learning – JS Boys
JS (boys Y7-10) Chumash R’ M Cohen Subject Leader (225)
Business Studies   Class Teacher Mr M Rivers-Davis DoL  (346) Mr M Rivers-Davis (346)
Director of Learning – Business
Economics Ms S Rai Subject Leader (245)
Computing Mr R Kessler Subject Leader (257)
French   Class Teacher Mrs I Ogunseitan Asst. DoL  (242/347) Mrs C Valencia (349)
Director of Learning – MFL
German Mme S Booth  (264)
Spanish Mrs C Valencia DoL (349)
Modern Hebrew Mrs R Wolgroch  (277)
English (KS3)   Class Teacher Mrs D Miller Assistant DoL  (223) Mr C Springham (223)
Director of Learning – English
English (Years 9 and 10) Mrs L Serfaty Assistant DoL  (223)
English (Year 11 and KS5) Mr C Springham DoL  (223)
Midrasha   Class Teacher Vacant Rabbi J Golker (SLT) (313)
Head of Kodesh
Beis R’ Y Hartman Head of Beis (313)
BTEC   Class Teacher Mrs G Felfeli BTEC Manager (340) Mrs M Langdon (217)
Assistant Headteacher
Ethos Rabbi J Golker (313)

If your query has not been resolved after following the above, please contact the Assistant Headteachers.  The fifth and final stage will be to contact the Headteachers via their PAs.
Girls’ School – j.grant@hasmonean.co.uk
Boys’ School – t.meduna-scott@hasmonean.co.uk

Please note that all Hasmonean High School e-mail addresses follow a standardised format: teacher initial.teacher surname@hasmonean.co.uk (eg. j.smith@hasmonean.co.uk)

If you require a paper copy of anything on our website, please contact the school office on 020 8203 1411.  This is a service we provide free of charge.

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