Governing Body

Chair of Governors

Mr M Meyer


Mrs J Benjamin – Foundation
Mr A Bloom – Foundation
Mr S Blumgart – Foundation
Mr M Cohen – Foundation
Mr J Dewinter – Foundation
Mr J Feinmesser – Foundation
Mr Y Halberstadt – Foundation
Mr M Klajman – Foundation
Mrs A Levey – Foundation
Mrs R Nevies – Parent
Mr B Shooter – Foundation
Mr G Swabel – Parent
Mrs M Zeltser – Foundation

Trustees of the Jewish Secondary School Movement

Mr J Miller
Mr M Richman
Mr D Green
Mr D Lyons

Members of Hasmonean High School

Mr D Lyons
Mr D Green
Mr M Meyer

Trustees of the HHS Charitable Trust

Mr J Feinmesser
Mr A Bloom

Staff Governors

Mr J Cohen
Mr A Kalley
Dr L Finkelstein

Clerk to the Governing Body

Mrs L Oskis –

Copies of minutes from governors meetings can be requested via email to Mrs Oskis.

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