In October 2016, Hasmonean High School submitted a planning application to move both the Girls’ and Boys’ school campuses onto one secured location.

View the plans here

Our application – a new home for the Hasmonean High School

We have recently submitted plans to Barnet Council to deliver modernised facilities for both the boys’ campus and girls’ campus at a single secure location, which will see the redevelopment of the existing girls’ campus and surrounding site.

Our plans will modernise all of our teaching spaces and facilities and provide sufficient outdoor play space, whilst keeping the boys’ campus and the girl’s campus separate to maintain our orthodox ethos.

The plans also include highways works to improve local safety and reduce congestion, a new access on Champion’s Way and significant landscaping improvements.

Our application will also enable us to provide two additional forms of entry – at present, we receive many more applications than we have capacity to fill, which has a detrimental impact on the wider community.

At present, the Council is consulting on the application with its partners, statutory bodies, community organisations, neighbours, and local residents.

So how can I help?

To help support our school and its future, we need your help.

Your elected councillors will make the decision to approve or refuse our plans to modernise and invest in the future of the Hasmonean High School.

Support from parents, staff, carers and all of those who are friends of our unique and important school will help to ensure they have the confidence to give our plans the go ahead.

Please follow the three steps detailed in this pack to give us the best possible chance of success.

  • STEP 1: Write to Barnet Council in support of the application

    Before the Council makes a decision about our application, you can let the Council know about your support for the plans. The Council will be keen to hear the views of its residents and families while it decides the outcome of our application.

    There are many good reasons to support the plans, including:

    • A single, centralised location for our school, reducing the need for families and staff to travel between sites
    • Greatly improved sports facilities and access to other important educational spaces, such as drama and music facilities and also community use of the facilities.
    • An increased number of school spaces for future generations of Hasmonean students
    • Improved highways and safer pedestrian and cycle access, easing congestion and helping students to arrive safely and on-time.

    The Council will be keen to know your individual stories and reasons for supporting the plans.

    Everyone involved in our community will have a unique story, and it’s important to make sure they are told.

    You can tell the Council about your support by accessing our application online at and using our reference number, 16/6662/FUL.

    Once you have accessed the application, select “Make a Comment” under the “Comments” tab and using the form provided.
    Alternatively, post a letter with your comments to:





    1255 HIGH ROAD


    N20 0EJ

    Each comment the Council receives will be used as part of the decision-making process, and helps councillors to understand why our plans are important to the future of our school and its role in Barnet’s community.


    The letters and responses need to be individual and must not be copied – otherwise the letter may be discounted.

  • STEP 2: Contact your GLA member and Member of Parliament about your support

    You can further help our application by contacting your Greater London Assembly member or Member of Parliament and letting them know about your support.

    • Although your MP or GLA member cannot directly decide on the future of our new home, they will be interested to understand how their constituents feel about the proposals.
    • Their support for the plans may help to influence the councillors from their party who will.
    • As with your letters to councillors, it is important to let them know why their constituents support the plans for our new home.


    The London Borough of Barnet is represented by Labour’s Andrew Dismore, Assembly Member for Barnet and Camden.

    You can contact Mr Dismore by email to or call to arrange a meeting by calling 020 7983 5529.

    Members of Parliament

    Three constituencies cover the London Borough of Barnet – Finchley and Golders Green, Hendon, and Chipping Barnet.

    The three constituencies are represented by:

    • Finchley and Golders Green – Mike Freer MP –
    • Hendon – Dr Matthew Offord MP –
    • Chipping Barnet – Rt Hon Theresa Villiers MP –


    If you are uncertain about which MP represents your location, you can find out by entering your postcode at

  • STEP 3: Contact your Barnet councillors about your support

    It is also important that we build awareness for our plans amongst local councillors. The borough has 63 councillors across 21 wards, representing the Conservatives, Labour and the Liberal Democrats.

    Councillors make up the membership of the Planning Committee that will decide on our application, and will also discuss and help to guide their party’s position on the proposals.

    Support amongst councillors will be very influential in helping us to build a positive outcome for the plans.

    Your elected councillors will want to hear from their constituents – you – about why you support the plans for the school, and why you feel they should too.

    Here’s how you can help by contacting your councillor:

    • You can find out who your elected councillors are using the website and entering your postcode. The site uses this to find your representatives.
    • Once you know who your representatives are, you can also use WriteToThem’s free service to send an email to your councillor.
    • You can also find their contact details via the list of councillors at Barnet Council’s website, at
    • When writing to your councillor, explain that you are one of their constituents, and that you believe it is important they and their colleagues give the Hasmonean High School their support.
    • In your email or letter, explain the individual reasons why our new home is important to you, or why our existing facilities urgently need to be upgraded.
    • Help your representatives to represent you by making sure they understand the issues that are personal to your life and experience.

    Thank you for your support, it is an important part of our work to deliver the best future possible for the Hasmonean High School.

    We will continue to keep you updated as our application progresses.

    In the meantime, if you have any questions or if you would like any further information, please get in touch with our team by sending an email to or by calling 020 7566 7964.

Who decides the outcome of the application?

Following a consultation process, the Council’s Planning Department will use information gathered during the consultation and all relevant planning policy to make a recommendation about the planning application.

This recommendation is provided to Barnet Council’s Planning Committee, who have the power to approve or refuse planning permission. The Planning Committee is made up of 11 members from across the parties represented on Barnet Council and from different areas of Barnet.

There are 6 Conservative members and 5 Labour members.

The application will also be referred to the GLA and the Mayor of London, who will also decide whether to approve the plans.

Hasmonean's New School

The land identified for the development is the land next to, and including, the current girls’ campus on Page Street.

The plans have been submitted to address Hasmonean’s urgent need for a larger, fit for purpose, more modern school.

The two campuses would be adjacent to each other, but remaining separate, respecting Hasmonean’s ethos that girls and boys should be educated separately.

Having adjacent campuses on one site would enable us to deliver outstanding education far more efficiently and effectively than maintaining two sites including the ability to share some accommodation. This would also see a reduction of traffic movements, as staff will not have to commute during the teaching day between the two sites

The existing boys’ school buildings are in poor condition, with no room for expansion. The girls’ school buildings require significant modernisation and both campuses have insufficient recreational space, restricting access to sporting provision and outdoor play.

Our plans will modernise our teaching spaces and facilities, and provide sufficient outdoor play space.

A new, specially designed entrance will be constructed on Champion’s Way, reducing levels of dangerous on-street parking on Page Street and improving the flow of local traffic. There will be no vehicle or pedestrian access for the school onto Page Street as a result of the  proposed scheme.

The plans include:

  • A state of the art school for both boys and girls
  • Separate facilities for boys and girls including separate sports halls, external spaces for seating and informal play, lecture theatre, main hall, and dining area
  • A new, highly efficient environmentally friendly school building designed in keeping with the surrounding area
  • High quality new sports facilities including a Multi-Use Sports Hall and pitches, which will be available for wider community use
  • Purpose-designed teaching facilities including specialist areas for subjects such as Science, IT, Art, Drama and Music
  • A school synagogue

Prior to the submission, we held a full community consultation to ensure stakeholders had an opportunity to help shape the proposals.

We were overwhelmed with the positive response our consultation gained, with 80% of respondents supporting the principle of the proposals. We would like to thank everyone who attended our exhibitions for their feedback and contributions.

Our team made a number of changes in response to some suggestions made at the consultation. Changes included a reduced site area and the omission of a nursery to preserve more of the green belt and public open space. The school have also allocated part of their site  to public open space.

A further public footpath will also be created along Champions Way to support informal recreational uses such as dog walking.

We will positively engage in a community use agreement which will be part of a legal agreement for the site. Out of school times, this will enable the community to use the new sports facilities, such as the tennis courts and playing fields. It will also include the use of the changing facilities, and the main hall. Car parking for the facilities will also be provided on site.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please get in touch with a member of our team by calling 020 7566 7968 or emailing