Ofsted – Outstanding

Pikuach – Outstanding

Customer Service Excellence

The Customer Service Excellence standard lies at the heart of a government strategy to provide public services which are “efficient, effective, excellent, equitable and empowering”, and which put “the citizen always and everywhere at the heart of public service provision”. At Hasmonean, our customers include our students and parents, but also all those who come into contact with us whether as visitors, suppliers or members of the local community. The school decided to work towards achieving Customer Service Excellence status as the standard will help us define and implement customer-focused best practices, and also provide us with a formal means to help us monitor compliance and evaluate our performance.

Hasmonean High School achieved the Cabinet Office quality mark for public services- the Customer Service Excellence award – in October 2009 and again in January 2011 and 2012.

Following a recent mystery shopping exercise, we found that we met all expectations stated in our Customer Care Policy & Procedures under ‘Responding to telephone enquiries and messages’.

International School Award

The International School Award is an accreditation scheme, administered by the British Council, for curriculum-based international work in schools. It was awarded to Hasmonean in September 2010 in recognition of the work undertaken by the school in developing community cohesion with other schools and cultures around the world.

Through a series of curricular and extra-curricular-based activities, Hasmonean has developed a range of learning opportunities to develop links and widen our students’ understanding of other international cultures, schools and learning styles.

Activities carried out to date have included:

-A Mathematics challenge with schools in Romania run via a video link
-A music concert run interactively with schools in India
-Country-themed days such as the fathers and daughters Italian cooking challenge which explored food from various Italian regions
-A school-wide project on the culture, language and history of Jews in Russia which culminated in a production of -Fiddler on the Roof performed by Hasmonean girls.

We were very pleased that our application for the award was successful at the first attempt.

National Leaders of Education and National Support Schools

National Leaders of Education and National Support Schools Hasmonean High School plays significant roles in school improvement and educational leadership across England. This work forms part of the National Leaders of Education and National Support Schools programme and the Leadership Partner Schools specialism.

Hasmonean was also designated a National Support School. This designation has given Hasmonean High School a remit to raise standards in education at both primary and secondary levels, not only within our own community, but also across the country.

The National College is a government-funded body responsible for developing excellent leadership in all England’s state-maintained schools. The College defines National Leaders of Education as “outstanding headteachers or principals who, together with the staff in their schools, use their skills and experience to support schools in challenging circumstances”. The types of support provided by Hasmonean to other schools includes coaching, consultancy and taking on interim leadership roles.

Hasmonean has also been awarded the specialism of Leadership Partner School. This gave the school a complementary role to act as a hub for the development of outstanding leadership and succession planning strategies in state schools across England.

Hasmonean is therefore playing a significant role in supporting the implementation of educational best practice in schools around the country. This work has also contributed to changes and improvements in practice at Hasmonean.

Leadership Partner School

Hasmonean High School was awarded its specialism as a Leadership Partner School by the Department for Children, Schools and Families in February 2009. This was the second specialism award for Hasmonean following its designation, in September 2003, as a specialist Business and Enterprise College.

Leadership Partner Schools act as national hubs for the development of outstanding leadership development and succession planning strategies. Hasmonean staff work to develop standards of leadership and enhance succession planning capacity within the school, within Barnet and throughout many parts of the country.

The Leadership Partner School scheme is a joint initiative between National College for School Leadership and Youth Sport Trust.


Eco-Schools is an international award programme that guides schools on their sustainable journey, providing a framework to help embed these principles into the heart of school life.


Hasmonean has been commended by SSAT for being in the top 10% of non-selective schools according to the number of students gaining 5 or more A8 – A grades.

The school has also been commended for the progress students make between Key Stage 2 and 4, with some sunjects being in the top 1% and all being in the top 4% of all schools.


iNet is the International Network for Educational Transformation and is an initiative of the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust (SSAT) – the leading body for advancing secondary school excellence and diversity in England. Membership of iNet connects Hasmonean High School to an international network that brings together leading practitioners and world class academics.

Hasmonean High School has been awarded the iNet award for Success in Adding Value in both 2010 and 2011, and also was awarded the High Attainment at GCSE award in 2011.

Investors in People

Investors in People specialise in transforming business performance through people. Hasmonean High School received a certificate of commitment on 21st January 2008 and were later recognised for work with the company in April 2009.

Sustainable Travel Accredited and Recognised

Sustainable Travel Accredited and Recognised (STAR) is a strategic framework that encourages and rewards school to adopt safer and active travel behaviour. The STAR Accreditation Scheme recognises and rewards schools at one of three levels with travel plans that not only promote safe and active travel but achieve it as well. Hasmonean High School was awarded STAR in 2012.


The CEI award was designed particularly for schools who have an “enterprise agenda” within their schools. The award focuses upon: • Allowing schools to prepare for future inspection of enterprise and work-related learning elements of the curriculum; • Encouraging the process of self review by schools; • Assessing the quality of the delivery of enterprise education in an individual school; • Supporting a rapid response to external requirements for the identification of enterprise activity within the school. Hasmonean High School was required to carry out an assessment of enterprise activity currently under way in the school in several defined areas (such as the planning of enterprise education and the delivery methods used).

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